Cloud based Project Management Software

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Work with employees simultaneously

Chat in real time, share documents, integrate your emails Forget endless follow-up meetings to keep track of projects. xDna Project Management allows you and your employees to work together on a task, write in etherpad, use live chat and share documents - all in a single interface!

Forecast needs and costs

Integrated timesheets, contracts and invoices

Projects are automatically integrated with customer contracts allowing you to prepare an invoice based on time and materials and to record timesheets easily. Plan ahead for upcoming projects with forecasts based on comparable projects, and allocate your workforce more easily.

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Kanban View

The Kanban view is a simple drag-and-drop view to help you easily group tasks at the right stage

Gantt Charts

Keep track of deadlines and progress of your projects with a clear overview


Keep a good overview of your workload and of the status of tasks